Backlit displays – Wavelight LED 3ft.

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Introducing the WaveLight® 3ft Backlit Trade show Display – a true marvel in trade show exhibits. Within its sleek 50mm aluminum pipe profile lies a powerhouse of illumination, making your graphics pop and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

This package includes a single-sided, high-resolution fabric print that wraps snugly around the frame, creating a smooth, seamless display. The brilliance is provided by a powerful LED light array, ensuring your visuals are vibrant and attention-grabbing.

Portability and protection are key features. The entire set, including the LED light array and a 400W power supply, is neatly organized in a soft molded carry case. For added security during transit, everything is bundled in a CA700 Hard Case with a stylish black wrap.

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Backlit display – Wavelight LED 3ft.

Step into brilliance with our WaveLight Backlit Display, offering a range of sizes to suit your showcasing needs 3ft, 5ft, 7.5ft, 10ft, and a striking 18.5ft. Imagine your message bathed in vibrant light, grabbing attention effortlessly.

These backlit displays boast a single-sided, wrinkle-resistant fabric print using advanced dye-sublimation technology, ensuring your visuals are stunning and flawless. The Heise™ total blackout fabric on the back guarantees a professional, seamless look from every angle.

Assembly is a breeze – the fabric graphic elegantly zips around the frame and lights, achieving a sleek, taut finish. Need quick access to lights and power cables? A discreet zipper on the lower back of the blackout fabric makes adjustments easy.

Let your brand shine bright and make an unforgettable impact with our WaveLight Backlit fabric Displays. Choose the size that matches your vision and watch your message come to life in a captivating glow. Your brand deserves to stand in the spotlight.

WaveLight® Backlit Displays Kit Includes

  • 1×3 Frame Straight, 3ft – 2″ (50mm) cold-drawn anodized aluminum (1)
  • LED Light Arrays and 400W Power Supply in Soft Molded Carry Cases (1)
  • Medium Nylon Bag – made from 100% recycled materials (1)
  • CA900 Hard Shipping Case/Counter with Black Wrap (1)
  • Graphic Print – recyclable polyester stretch backlit fabric, vibrant, wrinkle-resistant with Heise™ total block out fabric on the back (1)

CA900 Printed Graphic Wraps
AuraScape® LED RGB Light Bars

Display Size: 36.65″Wx95.98″H (930x2440mm)
Ships in (1) CA900 Hard Case with wheels:
Size: 38”H x 16”D x 28”W (965mm W x 406mm D x 711mm H)
Shipping costs are calculated by dimensional weight.
Total Weight Packed: 26kg (57.3 lbs)
Material: Dye-sublimation Backlit Stretch Fabric
Warranty: Lifetime on Hardware. One (1) year on Graphic.

Artwork Templates
WaveLight 3ft Straight with Rounded Corners – 13FR
Artwork Guidelines: View

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