Blade Digital Kiosk – 40” interactive kiosk

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Blade digital kiosk 40″
4K UHD Digital Interactive kiosk. Create a lasting impression in the mind of your audience through personal interactive experiences. Our 40 Blade 4K UHD display units Include tempered glass and Anti-Fingerprint Coating, an aluminum frame and base plate, a hard shipping case, and remote control.

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Blade Digital Interactive Kiosk – 40”

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Introducing the Blade 40″ Interactive kiosk solution, designed to captivate and engage your audience with immersive and interactive experiences. Leave a lasting impression on your visitors as they interact with your content in a personalized way.

Transform your Blade Digital Kiosk into a powerful mini-computer by adding a Windows PC Box (NUC) or a PC Stick. This allows you to showcase a diverse range of content, including slide shows, images, videos, games, web browsers, wayfinding solutions, custom software, and any Windows 10-compatible application. The possibilities are endless!

Equipped with a vibrant 40″ Blade 4K UHD display, the units feature tempered glass with Anti-Fingerprint Coating, ensuring clear visuals and a smudge-free touch experience. The sturdy aluminum frame and base plate provide stability and durability, while the included hard shipping case ensures safe transportation.

Operating the Blade 40″ Interactive kiosk is effortless with the included remote control, making it convenient to manage your content and interactions.

Elevate your display with the Blade 40″ Interactive kiosk solution. Showcase your message, products, and services in stunning 4K UHD resolution while engaging your audience through interactive experiences. Make a lasting impact with the Blade Digital Kiosk.


  • Optional Interactive Capacitive Touch Capabilities
  • 4K UHD Color-Vibrant Digital Screen
  • Powerful Processor for Add-on Media Player
  • Lockable Back Door for Media Player Access
  • Available in Black or White
  • Optic Fiber Panel Cable
  • UL Certification
  • Remote Control
  • Hard Shipping Case with Wheels

Add-on Accessories

Base with Wheels (not-in-stock)
Circular Shelves
Triangular Shelves
Long Front Shelf
Long Front Shelf with USB Charging Ports
Brochure Holder Shelf
12″ Side Bars for Banner Attachment (set of 2)
Blade Header

Weights and Dimensions

40″ Blade kiosk Only

Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg)
Dimensions: 22” x 65.35” x 17.75” (560x1660x450mm)

40″ Shipping Case Only

Weight: 90 lbs (40.8233 kg)
Dimensions: 70” x 11” x 30” (1778×279.4x762mm)

40″ Blade digital kiosk with Shipping Case

Weight: 210 lbs (95.2544 kg)
Dimensions: 70” x 11” x 30” (1778×279.4x762mm)

Also available in 50, 58 and 32 special order

Additional information


Black, White


Android, NO PC/MEDIA PLAYER, PC Box Windows 10, PC Stick Windows 10, Pro

Screen types

Non Touch Screen, Touch Screen






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