Exhibit case and counter CA700

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The CA700 Exhibit Case is a strong case to counter system with vibrant SEG graphics to create a smooth finish. The CA700 holds a large interior with a hidden pocket for internal storage. Has reduced flex, for increased stability and spaced out wheels for less movement while transporting.

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Experience the versatility and practicality of the CA700-KG, an exhibit case and counter seamlessly integrated for trade shows and exhibitions. These portable display cases for trade shows redefine convenience by serving as a display case, a trade show counter, and a shipping case all in one, ensuring a streamlined and efficient showcasing experience. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits that make the CA700-KG a standout choice:

Strong and Brandable:

Designed with robustness in mind, the CA700 can withstand the demanding conditions of trade show transportation. Its customizable design allows it to be branded effectively, serving as a powerful marketing tool that represents your company or product with impact.

Smooth Finish:

Elevate your display with vibrant Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), providing the case with a professional and sleek appearance. SEG graphics offer a smooth, wrinkle-free look that enhances the overall visual appeal of your exhibit.

Interior Storage:

The CA700 goes beyond its exterior by featuring a hidden pocket for internal storage once is set up as a podium. This thoughtful addition proves invaluable for keeping essential items or materials close at hand during your trade show, including brochures, business cards, or promotional items.


Critical to any trade show case-to-counter system is stability and the CA700 is engineered with reduced flex to ensure increased stability. This design element guarantees that your counter remains steady and reliable throughout the duration of the event.

Easy Transportation:

The strategically spaced wheels on the CA700 minimize movement during transportation, safeguarding your display materials and ensuring they arrive at the trade show in impeccable condition.

Versatile Capacity:

Whether you opt for a complete pop-up fabric display or a 10ft WaveLine® Media back wall kit with lights, the CA700 adapts to your needs. This versatility empowers you to choose the most fitting display for your specific trade show requirements.

In essence, the CA700-KG emerges as a multifunctional solution for trade shows, offering a harmonious blend of strength, branding opportunities, interior storage, stability, and versatile display capacity. It stands as a valuable tool, allowing you to make a lasting impression at trade shows and exhibitions by seamlessly combining practicality with impactful presentation.

Kit Includes

  • (1) Black Travel Case with Wheels
  • (1) Rectangular Countertop: Standard Black or White. Upgrade to Wood Grain.
  • (1) Black Fabric Wrap with Silicone Edge

Specifications portable display cases for trade shows

  • Display Size: 42.5”W x 21.7”D x 39.4”H (1070 x 550 x 1000mm)
  • Inside Closed Size: 39.4”W x 19.7”D x 12.6”H (1010 x 500 x 320mm)
  • Internal Storage Pocket: 25.2″W x 16.2“D x 11.8″H (640 x 410 x 300hmm)
  • Counter Top Size: 41.8″ x 21.4“ x 1.18″ (1060 x 542 x 30mm)
  • The counter will hold up to 22 lbs (10 kg)
  • Empty Shipping Weight: 30.9 lbs (14 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 42.6″W x 15.8″ x 22.1″H (1080 x 400 x 560mm)
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Hardware. One (1) year on Graphic.

Artwork Templates: CA700-G
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Portable display case for trade shows CA700

Additional information

Weight31 lbs
Dimensions43 × 16 × 22 in



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