Trade Show Tension Fabric Display WLMAA1-KG-05

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Dominate the Show Floor!

WaveLine Tension Fabric Display + Banner Stand:

The dream team for trade shows & events.

  • Eye-catching graphics: Grab attention & showcase your brand.
  • Easy setup: Save time & focus on what matters.
  • Durable & portable: Built to last & travel light.
  • Includes LED spotlights & carrying case.

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Combine the Power of Tension Fabric & Banner Stands.

Standing out in a crowded trade show environment can be challenging. But fear not! WaveLine trade show tension fabric displays combined with banner stands offer a dynamic solution to maximize your brand impact and grab attention.

Why Tension Fabric Displays + Banner Stands?

This combo leverages the strengths of both display styles:

  • Tension Fabric Displays: Offer a sleek, modern backdrop with vibrant graphics to showcase your brand identity.
  • Banner Stands: Act as a visual beacon, drawing attendees in with key messages and branding elements.

This powerful combination allows you to:

  • Amplify Brand Visibility: The large format of the tension fabric display creates a strong visual presence, while the banner stand draws attention from a distance.
  • Convey Key Messages: Utilize the banner stand to highlight important information like promotions, product launches, or brand slogans.
  • Versatility Beyond Trade Shows: Both displays can be used independently in various settings, offering long-term value.

The WaveLine Ttrade show tension fabric displays:

This complete kit provides everything you need to create a dynamic and impactful display:

  • Durable Tension Fabric Display Frame: Made from high-quality aluminum for a sleek and professional display.
  • Eye-Catching WaveLine Banner Stand: Features a large, double-sided graphic for maximum visibility.
  • Vibrant, Wrinkle-Resistant Graphics: Both the tension fabric panels and banner stand graphics are printed on high-quality, dye-sublimated fabric.
  • LED Spotlights & Carrying Case: Enhance your display’s visual appeal and ensure convenient transportation.

Invest in a Winning Trade Show Presence:

WaveLine trade show tension fabric displays with Banner Stands are the perfect solution to elevate your brand visibility at trade shows, conferences, or any event. Don’t miss out on this powerful combination to effectively capture attention and drive engagement.

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Artwork Templates: WLMAA1 – Kit 05
Artwork Guidelines: View

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Additional information

Weight60 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 33 in


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