Tension Fabric Display Kits 20ft WLMECE-KG-01

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Introducing the revolutionary Tension Fabric Display Kits 20ft WLMECE-KG-01. Witness the future of large, affordable marketing displays with our remarkable WaveLine Media® Display Collection. Crafted with a simple and lightweight aluminum frame, this innovative display is encased within a wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric graphic print. Setting it up is a breeze, taking only 5-10 minutes without the need for any tools. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our cutting-edge display solution today.

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Tension Fabric Display Kits 20ft CARIBBEAN-A

Trade show display tension fabric kit 10×20 displays are a popular choice among exhibitors seeking a sophisticated and modern aesthetic for their booth. The key feature of this kit is the tension fabric, a stretchy material tightly pulled over a frame to create a seamless and polished surface. This dynamic display solution brings forth a myriad of advantages, including effortless setup, lightweight portability, and the ability to showcase high-quality graphics that effortlessly capture attention.

Versatility is a defining characteristic of trade show display tension fabric

Catering to various applications such as backdrops, banners, tabletop displays, and comprehensive booth setups. The customizable nature of tension fabric allows exhibitors to tailor the display to create a distinctive look that perfectly aligns with their brand identity and messaging.

Choosing the trade show display tension fabric kit in the 10×20 configuration is a strategic decision

For exhibitors aiming to make a significant impact at their upcoming events. This kit offers an ideal blend of visual appeal and practicality, providing exhibitors with a streamlined setup process that requires no additional tools. The ease and efficiency of the 10×20 tension fabric kit make it an excellent choice for those who prioritize a compelling presence without compromising on convenience. Whether you are aiming to create a captivating backdrop or a comprehensive booth display, the Trade show display tension fabric kit 10×20 ensures that your brand stands out with ease and sophistication.

Trade show display tension fabric Kit Includes:

  • (3) WaveLine Media® Display Frame – 1-1/4″ (32mm) cold-drawn anodized aluminum (WLM2000E/WL43C)
  • (2) Single-Edge Feet (WLM-22E)
  • (1) Double-edge Feet (WLM-22L)
  • (1) Double-edge Foot (WLM-22R)
  • (2) Connector Clamps (WLM-27)
  • (1) Accessories – protective graphic storage pouch
  • (2) Carry bags – made from 100% recycled materials
  • (3) WaveLine Media® Display Fabric Graphic Prints – recyclable polyester stretch fabric, vibrant, wrinkle-resistant (WLM2000E/WL43C)

Single-sided: choose white (standard) or black fabric for the second side
Double-sided: optional


LED Spotlights with C-Clamps
Monitor Bracket (WLM-58) for the inside or outside edge of the panel
CA500 Counter / Shipping Case – black countertop, black fabric graphic wrap
CA500 Printed Fabric Graphic Wrap


Display Size: 231.1″w x 96.3″h (5870mm x 2447mm)
(2) Shipping Size: – 13.8″ W x 12.4″ D x 32.1″ H (350mm W x 315mm D x 815mm H)
Shipping Weight: 95
Graphic Material: Dye-sublimation Stretch Fabric
Warranty: Lifetime on Hardware. One (1) year on Graphic.

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Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Templates: CA700-G

Additional information

Weight100 lbs
Dimensions50 × 30 × 36 in


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