TigerBright 100

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“Introducing Super Bright Backlit Trade Show Displays: The Ultimate Illumination Solution

Our Super Bright backlit trade show display represent a breakthrough in trade show lighting. Say goodbye to unsightly bright spots and dark areas with our innovative LED technology. No more cumbersome lattice lighting – we’ve simplified the way you shine.

These displays are not just bright; they’re dazzling enough to leave you in awe. What’s more, they’re incredibly portable, fitting effortlessly into small cars. Illuminate your brand with ease and brilliance.”

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Illuminate your brand and command attention at trade shows

TigerBright, Our visually stunning backlit trade show booths. Tiger Bright are Super-Bright backlit trade show Booths, designed to make your display stand out, ensuring your brand shines with vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

Discover the excellence of the Super Bright backlit trade show display, setting a new standard for booth visibility. With twice the number of LED lights compared to competitors, these displays are the brightest and most noticeable in the market. The thin design eliminates hot spots and dark spots, providing a seamless and professional appearance.

Transporting your TigerBright backlit display is a breeze due to its incredibly lightweight design. Securely packaged in padded materials, the components ensure safe and damage-free travel. The setup process is simplified with magnetic connectors that are keyed to prevent incorrect assembly. Forget about spring buttons or twisting/sagging frames – our displays are hassle-free and can be assembled in minutes.

Choose the Super Bright backlit displays for your next event and elevate your presence.

TigerBright stands out as the brightest and most noticed backlit trade show display available. The patent-pending lighting system boasts up to twice as many LED lights as competitors while maintaining a slim profile, ensuring no hot spots or dark spots on your graphic.

Experience the convenience of portability with TigerBright displays weighing as little as 30 pounds and fitting into one case, comparable in size to a bag of golf clubs. Explore our lower-cost non-backlit models, with the option for backlighting upgrades when your budget allows.

Our revolutionary lighting system eliminates bright spots and dark spots, providing bright, even lighting from edge to edge. Roll up your display and pack it in the included padded tube for easy transport and storage. The backing material not only prevents damage but also enhances brightness, ensuring your brand captivates audiences with every showcase. Illuminate your brand with TigerBright – where brilliance meets portability for an unforgettable display experience.

Widths: 37”, 64”, 91”, and 117” at 92” tall.

Super Bright backlit displays

Be the brightest, most noticed display at every event!  Twice as many LED lights as competitors while maintaining a thin design and no hot spots or dark spots.

Lightweight components and padded packaging make it easy to bring with you, wherever you go. Magnetic connectors make setup a breeze! Keyed to prevent incorrect assembly, parts are held together with magnets. No spring buttons, no twisting/sagging frames!

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Weight100 lbs
Dimensions60 × 33 × 33 in


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