WaveLight LED Circular Inflatable Counter

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Light Up Your Trade Show Presence!

The WaveLight® Air Backlit Counter is a revolutionary inflatable display that’s guaranteed to grab attention. Featuring 360° illumination, it sets your brand apart with stunning visuals. Easy 15-second setup & portable design make it perfect for on-the-go events. Shine bright & leave a lasting impression!

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Capture Attention & Elevate Your Trade Show Presence with WaveLight® Air Backlit Counters

Tired of traditional trade show booths that fail to leave a lasting impression? Look no further than the innovative WaveLight® Air Backlit trade show Counter! This inflatable counter boasts cutting-edge technology and functionality, ensuring you stand out from the crowd and grab attention.

Unleash the Power of 360° Backlit Illumination:

The WaveLight® Air Counter features a brilliantly lit surface that projects light in all directions. This eye-catching illumination:

  • Draws Attendees In: The vibrant glow attracts attention and compels visitors to approach your booth.
  • Highlights Your Brand: The backlit design showcases your logo, messaging, and graphics in a stunning and memorable way.
  • Elevates Your Brand Image: The innovative design and captivating visuals add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your presentation.

Effortless Setup in Under 15 Seconds:

The WaveLight® Air Counter prioritizes convenience. Unlike traditional counters, this innovative solution inflates from a flat pack to a fully functional display in a mere 15 seconds. This allows you to:

  • Save Valuable Time: Focus on networking and interacting with potential customers instead of struggling with assembly.
  • Effortless Transport: The compact, lightweight design makes transportation and storage a breeze.
  • Perfect for On-the-Go Events: The quick setup and portability make this counter ideal for trade shows, pop-up shops, and various mobile marketing initiatives.

Durability & Functionality Beyond Display:

Don’t be fooled by the inflatable design! The WaveLight® Air Counter boasts impressive durability. The inner core is strong enough to support weight, transforming it from a display surface to a functional counter. This versatility allows you to:

  • Showcase Products: Utilize the counter’s surface to display products, samples, or promotional materials.
  • Engage with Attendees: Use the counter as a platform for product demonstrations, lead capture, or one-on-one interactions.

Invest in a Show-Stopping Trade Show Solution:

The WaveLight® Air Backlit Counter is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to make a bold statement at trade shows and events. The combination of stunning visuals, effortless setup, and versatile functionality makes this innovative counter a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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WaveLight Air Circular Counter (Medium) – WLTCC-G-60M
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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions26 × 26 × 10 in

Medium, Small


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